Sanibel Residents


Many Sanibel residents are facing complete destruction of their property as a result of the onslaught of high winds, strom surge and rain from Hurricane Ian. Almost all ground levels were destroyed by storm surge. Donations and proceeds from the Sanibel Strong Store help residents recover.


$2,526/ $100,000

Sanibel Businesses


Most businesses have been severely impacted by Hurricane Ian. Some have been wiped out entriely. Insurance will not cover their complete loss and some will have claims denied due to flood waters. Donate to our business recovery fund and purchase from our store to help Sanibel businesses.


$0/ $100,000

Saniblel Wildlife

Wildlife & Nature

Sanibel's natural habitat has been completely displaced and destroyed by Hurricane Ian. Sanibel Strong donations and purchases from the Sanibel Strong Store will partially be used to help cover expenses to preserve and restore wildlife and plant life not covered by other sources of assistance.


$0/ $100,000

Apply for Assistance

Note: Our application for assistance is currently on hold while we are working on initial funraising.

Once funding is available we will open our application for submissions. Thank you.


Sanibel Strong Store

Sanibel Strong Store

Here you can order "Sanibel Strong" merchandise and 100% of net proceeds are donated to our work helping residents, businesses and wildlife recover from Hurricane Ian.

Sanibel Strong Volunteer


We are 100% run by volunteers and we organize boots on the ground groups of volunteers to help with needs on the island. To help, simply join our volunteer newsletter or apply for a volunteer job.

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Join our Facebook group to see the good work we are doing on Sanibel Island! Invite your friends who love Sanibel to join the group also -- just click this link:



Who We Are

Sanibel Island Hurricane Recovery Volunteers

We are just like you. We love Sanibel Island. We have vacationed, lived, done business on and played on the island. We understand the uniqueness of the way of life Sanibel fosters. We are hurting too and want to help. We have come together from all around the country (and world!) because, together, we are #SanibelStrong.


We are boots on the ground, we are generous volunteers and donors. We are businesses caring about businesses. We are a Sanibel Family. We come from all walks of life but one thing is certain -- we have loved the beaches of Sanibel, we have felt the special island spirit, we have shopped at Jerry's and eaten at the Lazy Flamingo.


Sanibel Strong, Inc., is a grass roots public charity with 501(c)(3) non-profit status from the IRS and is a registered Florida not for profit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.


Sanibel Strong Non-Profit
Sanibel Strong Non-Profit President

Kristin Crawford

Kristin Crawford volunteers as the Executive Director and founder of Sanibel Strong. She and her family have been coming to Sanibel Island for 35+ years and they own 6 time share weeks at two different resorts. Sanibel Island is her "happy place" and "home away from home." Kristin has successfully run a non-profit organization in the past and specializes in internet marketing. If there is anyone that can get things done, it's Kristin!

Sanibel Strong Non-Profit VP

Carol Crawford

Carol volunteers as Vice President of Sanibel Strong, Inc., and has a deep love and appreciation for the island. She owns multiple timeshares on the island and has painted numerous watercolors featuring the beach, shells, sea life and Sanibel Lighthouse. Her late husband, Bob Crawford, served on the board of directors for Shell Island Beach Club for many years. Carol is passionnate about helping to restore Sanibel to her glory.


Your charitable contribution will go directly to aiding Sanibel Island residents, businesses and wildlife.

 Sanibel Strong, Inc. is a public charity with 501(c)(3) non-profit status from the IRS and is a registered Florida not for profit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.